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If you haven’t yet turned in you Stella Tracker, please ship it ASAP to Anube Sport USA, 641 E, San Ysidro Blvd #B3-1258, San Ysidro, CA 92173.
What if you don’t own a racecar? Well, the “Happiest Race On Earth!” is for everyone who loves the spectacular scenery, food, and rich culture of Baja; you don’t need to own a race car. The Slow Baja Safari and Rapido Safari classes are for you.

Slow Baja Safari

The Slow Baja Safari class is unique to NORRA. It is a guided tour of Baja that puts you right in the mix of the Mexican 1000 or NORRA 500. You will take the green flag each day, follow the most scenic sections of the racecourse, and have time for photos, scenic vistas, and local fare. Led by experienced Baja guide Mr. Slow Baja himself, Michael Emery in his 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. You will see the Baja that only the most seasoned Baja travelers know. From spectacular Missions, to fabulous street tacos, your guide will make sure to get you there and get you across the finish line each night. Helmets and race suits are not necessary in this class, but we invite you to check the Safari Rules on this link to get ready for the adventure.

Rapido Safari

The Rapido Safari class is also unique to NORRA, but unlike the Slow Baja Class, this group will take the green flag each day and follow longer sections of the course with a faster pace and in more challenging terrain. The Rapido Group is perfect for those with modified vehicles that are more comfortable going as fast as 60 mph on dirt roads. There will be food stops along the way and fun challenges every day. Helmets and Race Suits are not required on this class either, but we invite you to check the Rapido Safari Rules on this link to get ready for the adventure. See the Safari Rules.

Your entry fee covers all the basic race expenses including Land Use Fees, Rescue Efforts; Land and Air, Tracking Device Rental, Race Ops Monitoring, Sweep, and Recovery Vehicles; even Mag 7 Emergency Pits on the course that cover mechanical assistance in remote locations as well as Fab School Overnight repair pits at finish lines every day. NORRA has you covered.

Every occupant must pay for a Driver or Co Driver wristband that covers Norra Membership and all party events including food and drinks at the Welcome Fiesta during registration in Ensenada, finish line celebrations in El Rosario, Guerrero Negro, Loreto, San Jose del Cabo, and the Awards Celebration at the Cabo Beach Club.

Lodging is not included with your entry fee, but we have created a Safari Hospitality Package. When you purchase the package, you get accommodations that range from beautiful hotels to quaint inns in El Rosario, Guererro Negro, Loreto, and also La Paz. You will need to make your own arrangements for Ensenada and San Jose del Cabo, but there is plenty of availability in those two cities. You will get to enjoy every aspect of the Baja experience on your way to the finish line in San Jose Del Cabo. The NORRA 500 Safari returns to Ensenada each night. Logistics are simplified since you can stay in the same hotel every night.

The Slow Baja Safari and the Rapido Safari classes will make you into a seasoned Baja explorer by the end of the race. Get your entry in today, and make sure to address everything on our checklist below.

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Rally Alerts

If you’re not getting our alerts and news, be sure to log into your NORRA account and subscribe with your mobile phone number.

Online drivers’ meeting for Safari 4/21 6pm

Online registration closes Friday, April 21. Make sure your entry is correct and lists all co-drivers

Detailed Schedule of Events

Border crossing info

Register for the Stella tracker and purchase mounting hardware and wiring

NORRA to provide race number stickers

A link to the Safari GPS files and roadbooks will be emailed to Safari participants shortly before the event.


Entry Fee $2,967
Insurance $250
Driver of Record
Wristband 195
NORRA Membership 100
Wristband 195
NORRA Membership 100
Crew, Friends and Family
Party Wristband 195
Optional hospitality package $320-$400

The hospitality package includes a room in El Rosario, Guerrero Negro, Loreto, and La Paz. You are responsible for booking your room in Ensenada and San Jose del Cabo.

2023 Mexican 1000 Safari Schedule

Fri. Apr. 28 Registration / Tech, at the Riviera, Ensenada
Sat. Apr. 29 Registration / Tech, at the Riviera, Ensenada
Sun. Apr. 30 Ensenada ~ El Rosario
Mon. May 1 El Rosario ~ Guerrero Negro
Tue. May 2 Guerrero Negro ~ Loreto
Wed. May 3 Loreto ~ La Paz
Thu. May 4 La Paz ~ San José del Cabo (Finish!)
Fri. May 5 San José del Cabo (Post official results and awards)

Detailed Schedule of Events - Printable

Click to download the printable schedule (PDF)

Medical and Liability Insurance:

Vehicle Drivers and Co-Drivers will be banded with a wristband for medical and liability insurance while on the course - a policy provided by Instant Mexico Insurance. Please understand the limitations of this insurance by reading the policy. Read the Policy

How to Purchase Additional Insurance

  • Auto liability insurance from a Mexican company is required by law in order to drive in Baja California.
  • Included with your Safari entry is insurance starting 72 hours before the Safari and ending 72 hours after the Safari. For the 2023 Mexican 1000, this coverage starts April 27 and ends on midnight May 7. Contact Instant Mexico Insurance for more details and to purchase additional coverage.
  • Contact details: Miguel Rico 52 664 120 9742,

Border Crossing

Details about border crossing will be distributed as a Rally Alert shortly before most teams will be departing for the event. At that time, you will be able to register all vehicles crossing the border with your entry.

Plan ahead! You will need the following:

  • A valid passport or passport card with an expiration date more than six months later than the date you enter Mexico. (This may take two months or longer to obtain.)
  • Vaccinations. Discuss with your doctor at least two months in advance of travel. See the CDC Mexico Travel page for current U.S. recommendations.
  • You will need either a visa or an FMM (tourist card). U.S. citizens need an FMM. For other countries, check with a Mexican embassy or consulate in your area. Click here to get an FMM within 30 days of travel. You complete the form online and then print it. You need to get it validated at the border if you drive into Mexico. We are trying to make arrangements for FMM validation at NORRA registration in Ensenada; see the border crossing rally alert for updates on this.
  • Valid registration for each vehicle.
  • Valid driver’s license for each driver. Mexico accepts licenses from your home country if they are in English or Spanish. They also accept International Driving Permits.
  • Proof of Mexican auto insurance (non-Safari entries). NORRA insurance only covers liability for vehicles on the course. Vehicles driven while not on the course must to be insured by a policy from a Mexican insurance carrier, which can be purchased online from instant Mexican Insurance
  • Proof of Mexican auto insurance (Safari entries). See the Insurance section of this page.
  • Be sure to bring some Mexican pesos. The best exchange rates are generally found in San Ysidro, California. In Mexico, check the rates at casas de cambio. If you use Mexican ATMs, you will incur high fees from both your bank and the Mexican bank.
  • There are limits on carrying certain items across the border, including the number of spare tires and spare parts. Some items must be declared, such as if you bring more than $10,000 cash. Fuel in containers is not allowed. More information at the Welcome to Mexico webpage and in the upcoming NORRA border crossing Rally Alert.

What to Bring on the Vehicle

  • ID and travel documents. (see Border Crossing)
  • Vehicle registration
  • Mexican insurance documents (see Insurance)
  • Camping gear
  • Clothing, drinking water, snacks, a lawn chair. Everything to ensure your comfort along the way
  • Prescription medications should be in their original, labeled bottles
  • Everything you normally bring when you go off road: a jack, tool kit, a full size spare tire, some replacement parts like an engine belt, and fuses.
  • Mosquito repellent for the lower half of Baja
  • First aid kit that includes bandages, some antihistamine, and aspirin for headaches. You can purchase first aid kits online, or at most pharmacies, or off road shops
  • Cash for taco stops and "just in case"
  • Do not leave valuables unattended in your vehicle
  • Fuel in containers cannot be brought into Mexico

If you have any questions, be sure to contact NORRA for answers.

Rules & Classes

The general and vehicle rules documents for 2023 are linked below. There may be minor updates forthcoming.

The vehicle rules document includes a list of all vehicle categories (classes) with detailed descriptions.
Download the 2023 Vehicle Rules v 3.35 revised November 30, 2022 (PDF)

Download the Safari pages only from the Vehicle Rules v 3.30 revised February 15, 2022 (PDF)

Download the General Rules v 3.7 revised October 16, 2022 (PDF)


You are responsible for making your hotel and/or camping arrangements. If you book your own accomodations, NORRA is not reponsible for the booking and pricing practices of hotels and travel agents.

For the Mexican 1000 only, we offer a hospitality package. It includes a hotel room in El Rosario, Guererro Negro, Loreto, and also La Paz. You will need to make your own arrangements for Ensenada and San Jose del Cabo, but there is plenty of availability in those two cities.

For the NORRA 500, you will stay in Ensenada each night and you can easily book your own accomodations directly with a hotel there.

Click or touch here for a list of hotels in Ensenada and down the Baja peninsula.

Refund Policy

NORRA Refund and Credit Policy

  • All NORRA credits for previous events expire after the 2023 Mexican 1000.
  • If you withdraw your entry between November 5, 2022 and December 31, 2022, you will receive a refund of any payments made on or after November 5, 2022, less a $500 penalty.
  • If you withdraw your entry between January 1, 2023 and March 31, 2023, you will receive a NORRA credit for any payments made on or after November 5, 2022, less a $500 penalty. The credit expires after the next event.
  • No refund and no credit if you withdraw after March 31, 2023.
  • You may transfer your entry fee to another new entrant for the same race.


Stella EVO III unit will be used for tracking and safety. NORRA will supply the unit, but you will need to supply the mount. Watch for an announcement with details on how to purchase it with the NORRA discount.

Maps, GPS and Road Books

Detailed maps, road books and GPS files will be available for download right before the race at Printed road books and roll charts will be available upon request at registration.

Mileage Maps

NEW! The mileage map for cars and UTVs has been released. Click below to download.
CAR mileage map (PDF) revised 20 April 2023
CAR mileage sheet (PDF)

Click here to view the roadbook lexicon

Cars/UTV: Download the Contingency/Start/Finish maps (30Mb PDF)

Motos/ATV: Download the Contingency/Start/Finish maps (30Mb PDF)

Safari: Download the Contingency/Start/Finish maps (24Mb PDF)

The longest distance between fuel stations is 150 miles (240 kilometers).

Once you are signed up, and have taken care of the requirements, all you have to do is have fun! NORRA is entirely about having fun and creating memories that will last a lifetime. You will experience the most stunningly beautiful Baja scenery. After each day, you will have enough free time to enjoy a different location in Baja with your new friends and family. All participants will be staying in the same towns, and attending the same events every night, so you’ll have a chance to hang out with your favorite racer, or share stories with a legendary icon. The very first adventurers who set off to challenge the peninsula would throw a huge celebration afterwards to mark their accomplishment. That tradition continues to this day at the Mexican 1000 and the NORRA 500. If you love racing, love to have fun, and love the food, drink and music of Baja, you must come down and experience “The Happiest Race On Earth”.