Welcome to 2014 General Tire NORRA Mexican 1000 Registration!

The NORRA team is anxious to put on our biggest and best Mexican 1000 in history. We are excited to host both new faces and returning members of our racer family down the majestic Baja peninsula to enjoy the "Happiest Race on Earth.” Our objective, as always, is to continuously improve our customer service and provide our guest with a world-class experience from beginning to end – including the registration process.

We ask and encourage you to read items outlined below - it will help expedite the process!

NORRA understands the financial and time commitment that participating in the Mexican 1000 represents. We try to be as prudent as possible in balancing cost, safety, fun and great hospitality. One of the ways we do this is to allow the team to determine whose financial obligation it is to pays for its member’s individual wristbands. There are two registration options for your team:

  1. The Driver of Record (DOR) may register themselves and all co-drivers/crew members at their expense. The DOR controls their team’s roster using their NORRA account.
  2. The Driver of Record registers themselves and their vehicle. All co-drivers/crew members then pay for themselves. Each co-driver and crew member logs into or creates a NORRA account and attaches themselves to the DOR profile.


  • Driver of Record. The Driver of Record is typically the vehicle owner and one of the main drivers of the vehicle. It is this name that is associated with the vehicle and the DOR's wristband will include medical and liability insurance. IT IS THE DOR'S EMAIL ADDRESS THAT SHOULD BE USED TO REGISTER THE VEHICLE FOR THE RALLY.
  • Co-Driver. The term co-driver is ANY PERSON that is in the vehicle while it is on the course - whether or not they actually touch the wheel. All bodies physically in a vehicle must have medical/liability insurance and thus must have the proper wristband. Vehicles will not start any day or any portion of the race if all passengers and drivers are not banded as co-drivers. Failure to adhere to his important safety regulation will result in immediate team disqualification and withdrawal from the rally.
  • Crew. Teammates that will never be in the vehicle at any time but will be able to join hospitality events. If your crew is always ahead or behind and will not be able to partake in food and drinks offered - it is unnecessary that they register as crew.
  • Cabo Party Band - This wristband is ONLY for entry to our incredible South Point Hotel “Post” Party and Driver’s Awards in San Jose Del Cabo and are needed IF you, your crew or family and friends are NOT registered as one of the above. DOR/Co-Drivers/Crew have access to this event with their wristbands.

Overall Schedule:

  Cars Bikes
Saturday, May 10 Tech Inspection in Ensenada
Sleep in Ensenada Ensenada to El Rosario
Sunday May 11 Ensenada to Bahia de Los Angeles El Rosario to San Ignacio
Monday May 12 Bahia de Los Angeles to Loreto San Ignacio to Loreto
Tuesday May 13 Loreto to La Paz
Wednesday May 14 La Paz to Cabo

Bahia de Los Angeles:

ALL hotel reservations and accommodations necessary to compete in the rally are to be made by individual race teams at their expense. Since hotel rooms are so scarce in Bahia de Los Angeles, NORRA has purchased all of the rooms available and will resell them to race teams. We make our best effort insure this process as fair as possible.

It is a big challenge to provide accommodations in such a remote location in Baja and we continue to try to make it as 'fun' as possible. One room per team will be available for purchase during the registration process UNTIL rooms are depleted.

What happens if I do not register in time to get a room in Bahia de Los Angeles?

  • There are motor home hookups at the Villa Vita hotel and at Daggetts Camp. Both will need advanced reservations. Contact Jennifer for more information.
  • Camping is Fun ! NORRA will be providing additional information on an upgraded “Tent City” as the event gets closer. We intend to have a campground area that includes essential amenities. We encourage you to be prepared with all camping equipment that you would need for the night.

Medical and Liability Insurance:

Vehicle Drivers and Co-Drivers will be banded with a wristband for Medical and Liability Insurance - a policy provided by Instant Mexican Insurance. Please understand the limitations of this insurance by reading the policy. Read the Policy


  • Covers accidents that happen on the course ONLY
  • Does NOT cover the race vehicle or damages
  • Racer on racer accidents on course are covered under same medical terms but without liability coverage
  • Does NOT cover accidents that involve illegal drugs
  • ONLY covers $5000 in medical stabilization in Mexico (the insured covers flights or transportation to get back into US)


Driver of Record
Registration $2,367
Wristband 100
NORRA Membership 75
Wristband 120
NORRA Membership 75
Wristband 120
Friends and Family
Cabo Party Wristband 75


Download the rules below. Be sure to review the vehicle rules to determine your correct category.
View the 2014 vehicle rules here. (updated 3/6/2014)
View the 2014 general rules here.

Online Registration Has Closed

Online registration is now closed. Please register at the event in Ensenada.

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