April 25, 2024

The Fab School Repair Team Will Be Supporting the NORRA Mexican 1000

The Fab School Repair Team will be lending a helping hand to everyone at the NORRA Mexican 1000. They bring knowledge and experience that is a huge asset to any competitor. Whether it is fabrication, welding or just some helpful advice, they are there every night to get everyone back on their way to the finish line in San Jose Del Cabo. Six full days of competition in Baja can take a toll on even the best built race vehicles. Thankfully teams can rely on the best there is from the Fab School. In addition to the late nights they put in, they have also designed and fabricated the impressive trophy awarded to the overall UTV champion. The Fab School overall UTV trophy is one of many trophies they have been a part of at NORRA. Countless teams owe their results to the incredible work done by the Fab School Repair Team.

The Fab School provides instruction in Fabrication, Digital Design and Manufacturing, and Advanced Composites and Technologies. They take pride in providing a curriculum unlike any other trade school out there. They match theory with hands-on shop training; then combine it together with real-life applications like off road racing, aerospace, automotive and manufacturing. The Fab School teaches valuable skills that directly lead to a rewarding career.

The Fab School teaches skills that last a lifetime and NORRA provides memories that last a lifetime. The best thing about the NORRA Mexican 1000 is the shared experiences, and friendships made along the way. The second best thing is all the cool vehicles that participate. Every single one of them has a story, even the brand new builds. Many are treasures that took a lot of work to discover, restore, and return to the dirt. Others were just dusted off, and pressed back into service. Each overnight stop during the rally has its own unique charm and character. If you love to race, love to have fun, and love the food, drink and music of Baja, you must come down and experience “The Happiest Race On Earth,” the NORRA Mexican 1000. Go to: www.norra.com to find out how you can join the fun. To get more information about expert training at The Fab School go to www.thefabschool.com


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