April 25, 2024

Wilson Motorsports Team Named Grand Marshals For 2024 NORRA Mexican 1000

NORRA celebrates the entire Wilson Motorsports team as Grand Marshals for the 2024 Mexican 1000. The team’s legacy of winning races and championships has continued to grow for three generations. Norm Wilson and sons Rick, Randy and Ronny started riding motorcycles in the desert back in the 1970’s. Their history with NORRA goes back to 1972 when the boys would help escort racers from the California loop of the NORRA Parker Dam 400, across the river into Parker Arizona to complete the second half of the race. They raced motorcycles starting in 1976 and then 3 wheelers and quads. In 1980 Norm purchased a 5-1600 Baja Bug that he raced with Rick and Randy. Ronny was still racing his 3 wheeler and won a championship with Brett King of King Shocks in 1987.

The 5-1600 car led to the purchase of a 2 seat Raceco class 10 car. Around this time they brought on Mike Stapleton as crew chief. After winning a championship in 1989, Mike made a bold move. He cut the beam off the front end of the car and installed independent, a-arm suspension. His gamble paid off as the team would earn another championship with the car in 1992. Sadly we lost Mike to cancer late last year, but his legacy continues. He is just as much a Grand Marshal as the rest of the team. That class 10 car was sold to Brad Zacka in ‘95 and went to Australia when the Wilson Motorsports team moved up to class one.

Now a third generation of Wilsons has begun their ascension. Brad and Brian Wilson started racing in the 1600 class and then moved to the 1200 class. It wasn’t long before they would join Randy and Ronny behind the wheel of the team’s Jimco class one cars along with Kyle Quinn as well. The Wilson Motorsports team already has a class one victory in Baja this season, but they won’t be racing their unlimited car at the Mexican 1000. They will be racing the restored class 10 buggy that Mike modified to accept a-arms back in 1989. They will be honoring the past and also the memory of Mike Stapleton. Congratulations to the Wilson Motorsports team for joining an impressive group of racing legends as Grand Marshals at the NORRA Mexican 1000.

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