April 22, 2024

NORRA Mexican 1000 Competitors, Save Those Memories Forever.

The NORRA Mexican 1000 is unlike any other event. Traveling the Baja Peninsula from top to bottom, you will experience the time of your life. That’s why it’s important to document your adventure. The memories you make will last forever, especially if you contact one of the professional photographers who cover the race. NORRA has assembled the best in the business to document the rally for us each year, and you can do the same. Trackside Photo, Bink Designs, Fotosol, and Ernesto Araiza will be providing coverage this year. If you want professional photographs of your team in action, contact them before the race to secure a spot on their roster. Don’t leave it to chance; they cover all competitors, but if you contract with them beforehand, they will give special attention to your team.

Not only are each of these media companies top professionals, but they all have tons of Baja knowledge. Baja is rugged, remote and spectacularly beautiful. These photographers know where to go and how to capture the action. They operate in conditions that would intimidate most photographers, but they do it because they love Baja as much as you do. If you get with them before the event it will be one less thing to deal with. You know you’ll be covered with striking photos for your team members, your media, and those who just can’t make it down to share the fun. There is no better way to share what the Mexican 1000 is all about with friends, family or colleagues than to show them actual photos.

Bink Designs will be following the cars and shooting contingency, etc. They will be sending out daily posts for STEEL-IT on social media. www.binkdesign.com

TracksidePhoto is thrilled to announce its return to the Mexican 1000, after a nearly 10-year hiatus. Founded in 1969 by Jim Ober and now led by Art Eugenio (of GETSOMEphoto), we're reigniting our passion for capturing the thrill of off-road racing. With a combined legacy of covering every Baja race from 1969 to 2024 and 24 Photographer of the Year awards, we're the perfect partner to help you relive your NORRA Mexican 1000 experience. We're now accepting a limited number of clients for photo packages. Interested teams can reach out to Art at sales.tracksidephoto@gmail.com or call/text 619-335-7532.

Fotosol are the knowledgeable Baja locals who capture every bit of the Mexican 1000 each year. They have special photo and video packages available. Facebook: www.facebook.com/alejandro.soltero.737   Email: fotosolweb@yahoo.com

Ernesto Araiza is a talented photo-journalist who created his own book on the Mexican 1000. His Mexican 1000 book is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. You can reach him at: e.araizafoto@gmail.com or Instagram @araiza11.

The NORRA Mexican 1000 is entirely about having fun while competing and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Competitors experience the most stunningly beautiful Baja scenery as they make their way down the entire length of the Baja Peninsula. After each day of racing, there is enough free time to experience a different location in Baja with your friends and family. Each overnight stop has its own unique charm and character. There is no better way to experience Baja than at the Mexican 1000, and it’s open to just about anything with 2 or 4 wheels. They even have a safari class that allows street legal vehicles, and follows the route at a more relaxed pace. Led by Baja regulars, and racing legends, the Safari class is a guided tour that will turn anyone into a Baja veteran. Go to www.norra.com to find out how you can join in on all the fun. Make sure to preserve your memories with photos of the event.


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