April 13, 2024

Important Updates From MAG 7

The volunteers at MAG 7 Desert Pit Services have a few important deadlines for NORRA Mexican 1000 racers:

Deadline for non-pump gas fuel orders (UTV 95, Leaded 100, Unleaded 100, and Leaded 110) is 3 pm on Wednesday, APR 17.

Deadline for signups and 91 pump gas fuel orders is 3 pm on Monday, APR 22.

Deadline for spares drop offs to head south to Day 2 through 5 pits is noon on Friday, APR 26, in Ensenada at the Playa Campo RV Park.

Some towns in Mexico experience shortages of a particular blend, or have gasoline but no diesel. If you are running a particular fuel in your vehicle or chase truck it’s advisable to be prepared. If you need additional fuel, it’s best to have your own supply or if you are using a pit support team like MAG 7, make sure to order enough fuel to service all your race vehicles.

Both the MAG 7 Pit Director and Race Director will represent MAG 7 at the mandatory virtual drivers meeting on Friday, APR 19, to brief racers and answer questions regarding MAG 7 pits.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact us at

All the best!
Mike Shatynski, MAG 7 Race Director
MAG 7 Desert Pit Services…a 501c7 non-profit
“Supporting Baja racers since 1967!”

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