Released April 3, 2024

Rally Navigation -- Roadbook Training

6 PM Pacific Time, Monday April 8th

Meeting will not be recorded so you had better make time for this.

El Hefe de Motos, Jimmy Lewis will give an online crash course on the basics of Rally Navigation that you will need to successfully navigate the 2024 NORRA Mexican 1000. Learn from one of the best trainers on this subject and get some insights onto the course, the style and the things you should practice leading up to the event. We will cover the mapbook use, information distribution and explain how easy this method of finding your way while racing can be if done correctly.

This course is only open to registered riders so make sure you have your team signed up and ready to learn. NORRA is committed to giving you the tools to have a SAFE, FUN and FAIR race to compete in. They have taken on the expense of training you by one of the best in the business, a cost that can easily reach over $1000 if sought out on your own. Don't miss out because you may just be lost as a result!

If you did not receive the link to this meeting in an email or text, please contact us for it.

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Photo by Art Eugenio
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