March 27, 2024

Winnie Meyers Leads Meyers Manx Team and Manx Club at the Thrilling NORRA Mexican 1000 with a Nod to the Past and Gaze to the Future

In a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation on the 60th anniversary of Meyers Manx, we are honored to announce that Winnie Meyers will spearhead the Meyers Manx crew at this year's NORRA Mexican 1000, celebrating the enduring legacy of her late husband Bruce Meyers and his creation of the Meyers Manx Dune Buggy. This year's race is particularly momentous, marking the enthusiastic participation of the Manx Club, alongside a historic entry driven by Jim Chamberlain, the builder of the 1967 Baja 1000 winning Manx, and Bruce Meyers' grandson, Jagger Meyers, commemorating a full-circle moment in off-road history.

"Meyers Manx not only kicked off the dune buggy craze but essentially laid the blueprint for what we recognize today as the side-by-side industry. Winnie's presence at NORRA this year is a nod to that legacy, showcasing how innovation at Meyers Manx catalyzed a whole new category of off-road adventure," commented Robby Gordon.

As the proud sponsor of the Safari Expedition, Meyers Manx continues to champion the spirit of adventure that has been synonymous with the brand since its inception. The expedition, a guided tour across the breathtaking vistas of the Baja Peninsula, mirrors the adventurous essence and communal spirit that Bruce and Winnie Meyers cherished. Baja, a place of rugged beauty and challenging terrains, stands as a testament to the legacy of Meyers Manx. It was, after all, a shared love of Baja that first brought Bruce and Winnie together.

Jim Chamberlain, driving a Meyers Manx Remastered Classic Kit built alongside Lyman Scherer truly brings to life the brand's commitment to bridging the past's pioneering spirit with today's technological advancements. Under Winnie's watch, home vehicle builders and enthusiasts participating in the NORRA's pioneer class, as well as those joining the Safari Expedition, will showcase the versatility and enduring appeal of the Meyers Manx, proving that the legend not only lives on but thrives in the modern age.

"Winnie’s participation in the NORRA Mexican 1000 during the 60th Anniversary of Meyers Manx’s founding is extremely meaningful. It brings to life the adventurous soul of our brand and our commitment to the community of off-road racers that Bruce and Winnie cultivated. With a champion like Robby Gordon steering the future of NORRA, we are honored to celebrate our anniversary at this incredible event which began as a challenge to Bruce’s record setting run of the Baja Peninsula,” said Phillip Sarofim, Chairman, Meyers Manx.

This unique blend of competitive spirit and communal exploration at the NORRA Mexican 1000 highlights the living legacy of fun, freedom, and the thrill of the drive exemplified in the off-road races of the 1960's and 70's. As the Meyers Manx team, the Manx Club, and their remastered kits take on the challenges of Baja, they write the next chapter in the storied history of the original dune buggy.

Join Meyers Manx in celebrating this remarkable journey at the NORRA Mexican 1000 Safari Class, where the past is honored, the present is celebrated, and the future of adventure is forged on the sands of Baja.

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About Meyers Manx:

Meyers Manx LLC has been a beacon of adventure and innovation in the automotive world since Bruce Meyers unveiled the original dune buggy in 1964. Today, Meyers Manx stands as a symbol of freedom, embodying the joy of driving and the spirit of community that Bruce and Winnie Meyers envisioned. With the Remastered Classic Kit, Meyers Manx invites enthusiasts to be part of a legacy that continues to inspire and excite.

About the NORRA Mexican 1000 Safari Class

The Safari Expedition at the Mexican 1000 is an adventure that travels with the race and is open to OEM, street legal vehicles. In addition to cheering on their favorite race teams and joining the celebrations, Safari participants take in the incredible sights and locations as they stay in a new town every night. Whether they are experienced Baja travelers or it’s their first time, they become seasoned Baja travelers along the way. Go to to find out how you can join the fun. You don’t need to own a race car to take part in the greatest Baja racing adventure there is; the NORRA Mexican 1000.

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