March 20, 2024

Communications Are Evolving at the NORRA Mexican 1000

NORRA Honors the Past, but is also Forging the Future. Advances in communication have made major strides in recent history. Radio used to be the choice of every race team. Now we have satellite communications and GPS tracking. Since so many teams are now using satellite phones, Inreach messenger and Starlink for communications NORRA is adapting. At the NORRA Mexican 1000 we will no longer have an aircraft based VHF radio repeater. We will still have the roving ground based system, just not the plane in the sky.

Because the ground based system does have some limitations, we recommend that all teams have a sat phone, Starlink or other satellite based communication device just in case of an emergency. For many of you this will not be any different from usual, but for those who don’t already have this technology it is readily available from multiple sources.

We have come so far from the origins of NORRA and off road racing back in 1967. Originally the only form of tracking was to send a telegraph at the start of your journey and then another from the finish to record your time. Now we can track every bit of your race and communicate with anyplace in the World. It makes what those early pioneers accomplished so much more impressive. One thing that has never changed is the adventure and competition you will enjoy when you race with NORRA in Baja. There are so many things to experience you will want to come back again and again. All the additional information you need can be found at

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