March 7, 2024

The Best of Baja at NORRA Mexican 1000 Safari Expedition for Street Legal Vehicles

NORRA is building a unique experience for Safari Expedition participants in 2024. NORRA Mexican 1000 registration is already open at Go to the website and create an account before you register. Once you arrive in Ensenada on April 26th, you will begin your journey experiencing the culture and incredible landscape found only in Baja. NORRA has hospitality packages that will take care of some accommodations on the expedition; a full hotel list can be found on The Expedition travels the length of the Baja Peninsula to San Jose del Cabo on May 4th.

The Expedition will traverse the Pacific coastline on Day 1, stopping at a natural blowhole, the sea lion caves, pirate’s cove, and ending in El Rosario. Dinner will be at the world famous Mama Espinoza’s restaurant.

Day 2 adventures inland across the desertscapes to Chapala Dry Lake bed, the same dry lake bed that was raced across in the original 1967 NORRA Mexican 1000 race. From there you’ll enter a forest unlike any other on the planet! Jumba and Boojum trees mixed with cardon cactus, candelabra, barrel cactus, yuccas and more. As the Expedition travels south, the cardon’s will typically be in bloom! It’s worth a stop to get a photo next to a giant cardon while you’re there. Day 2 ends in Guerrero Negro, world famous for whale watching and natural sea salt. Here the Expedition will have a finish line celebration with the motorcycle classes so you can get to know these racers, they are hardcore!

Day 3 sends the Expedition south to the desert oasis of San Ignacio to enjoy the town square village and the historic mission. From there the Expedition heads west across the white desert to the Pacific coast. It turns south at the Ejido village through some desolate, and beautiful terrain. Our destination will be the town of San Juanico for an overnight stay. There will be a special celebration that evening for all participants.

Day 4 travels to Loreto through some amazing terrain including desert oasis, black rock mountains, canyons and if timed right, a special stop to watch the racers before the finish line in Loreto. The Safari Expedition will be at the checkered flag with the racers enjoying the amazing finish line celebration on the malecon! Don’t forget there is also mission in Loreto town center that is a must-see!

Day 5 the Safari Expedition will follow the motorcycle race through the winding canyons and up the mountain to the San Javier Mission, then west to the coastline. You’ll experience a giant cardon forest, a huge cattle ranch, and work your way east to La Paz. Once you hit the Sea of Cortez keep an eye out for whale sharks off the coastline! The day ends in La Paz. There is no finish line celebration for the main race, but the La Paz malecon is an amazing experience in itself.

Day 6, the final day of the Safari Experience will be a short one, but still an adventurous trip south to San Jose del Cabo’s village center in old town. You’ll experience breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortez, travel across the Tropic of Cancer and possibly see a donkey or two wanting some snacks; yes they will come up to your vehicle and ask! The sandy washes through this day’s racing are often soft so we’ll remember to air down before taking the green flag at the start line! At the finish line in San Jose del Cabo you will be in time to see the first Evolution Trucks and Class 1 cars finish their races! You’ll want to stick around and congratulate them, heck, grab a selfie too!

Day 7 you can relax and enjoy your hotel in San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas, you choose; but remember the best awards celebration is that evening at 6pm sharp on a beautiful sand beach in San Jose del Cabo! This is one experience you will not want to miss; complete with food and drinks, and an epic fireworks show!

Everything you need to know about the Mexican 1000 and NORRA 500 can be found at Go create your NORRA account today and join us in 2024. NORRA created sanctioned off road racing in Baja back in 1967. Find out for yourself how NORRA provides fond memories of adventure that last a lifetime. You can experience the same sense of amazement those early thrill seekers felt in the 1960’s today when you join NORRA in Baja. NORRA events honor the past, while forging the future. Don’t miss out, sign up today!

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