February 22, 2024

New Classes and Huge Gear Discounts For Mexican 1000 Motorcycle Competitors

NORRA has an incredible 2024 Mexican 1000 in store for motorcycle competitors. The Mexican 1000 will have rally-style roadbook navigation in the pro and amateur rally classes. We will also have a new GPS aided sportsman class for those riders who prefer GPS navigation. The GPS course will be different from the rally course. The sportsman class puts the emphasis on fun, the rally classes are for the top level competitors. You can read the new regulations in section 6 of the vehicle rules here:

NORRA has once again teamed with RallyMotoShop to offer motorcycle class competitors big discounts on the gear you will need for road book navigation. Motorcycle rally class competitors use road book only navigation during the event which runs April 26th through May 4th; Registration is open now! Whether you are a first-time competitor who needs a road book set-up, or wanting to upgrade your existing components at an incredible price, RallyMotoShop has what you need.

RallyMotoShop is the world leader in equipment, information, and inspiration for Rally. From your first rally stage to the podium at Dakar, they have everything you need, with the experience and service you want on your team. They make it easy for first-timers by offering all-inclusive packages for outfitting a bike with a road book set-up. RallyMotoShop has proven options available to work on both modern and vintage bikes. NORRA will give 50% off a new unit costing up to $900 retail. That’s a savings of $450. They also give the same benefit if you are upgrading an existing system. This special NORRA pricing is only available until March 1st. After that, the discount will be 25% off, (up to $200 in savings) until April 1st, so act fast. You must be entered into the race to receive the discounts. RallyMotoShop has a dedicated NORRA store on their website here:

NORRA rally class racers will have access to road book navigation training. The program is taught by Dakar Veteran Jimmy Lewis, specific to the needs of the NORRA event. The online video course will have lessons and tasks that you will accomplish on and off your bike. Jimmy also offers more in-depth training that can include in-person sessions; contact him through his website. This training is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Once entered the basic training will be available at no charge to you if you act fast.

The deals on training from Jimmy Lewis and equipment from will get you up to speed fast. NORRA Honors the Past while Forging the Future. The very first bike competitors to challenge Baja were rugged individuals who had very little more than guts, and a sense of adventure. NORRA aims to pay homage to that concept by using the same, simple form of road book navigation at our events. It will only add to the fun and challenge, and it will expand each rider’s abilities to match those who compete on a global level. Go to to learn more.

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