February 21, 2024

Jimmy Lewis Is Putting His Touch on the NORRA Mexican 1000

Jimmy Lewis is getting right to work on making the NORRA Mexican 1000 into a world class motorcycle event. “The course is designed 100% for motorcycles with an emphasis on fun Baja style roads, trails and sand washes without whoop-de-doos and with the least amount of ‘established’ race course as possible. The course will even be do-able with larger twin-cylinder machines if deep sand, possible silt and some loose rocky sections aren’t an issue for the rider. Those types of machines would not be the most ideal,” Jimmy says, “It would be a fun course on my Tenere 700 if I kept my throttle hand in check but a proper rally bike will be most ideal!

“Navigation will not be difficult or tricky but just enough to keep the lead riders thinking and allow for a course design that would be impossible with traditional marking or the use of only a GPS. A rider new to navigation, with some practice, will be able to stay on course and be SAFE. The reason we have moved to road book style navigation is to allow consistent and descriptive danger marking. We have been granted permission to go places that are not open to ride in at any other time. NORRA is working to allow special opportunities like this for motorcycle Rally class competitors.

“This year, with an additional day of racing, it has allowed us to get to new locations. Not being stressed to stretch out days to get to the next town or forced onto beat-up routes. The course will even have a ‘marathon’ stage where bikes will be impounded and no mechanical work will be allowed. This marathon stage will have bikers camping in San Juanico where NORRA will transport the rider’s sleeping bag and tent so they can enjoy a stress-free evening with all the other riders. Banded support crews will be allowed access if they desire and they can provide assistance (if needed) immediately after the start the next morning when the rider is back on the clock. As is customary, NORRA will have excellent food at the finish line party for the riders too!

“The new motorcycle class structure is very simple. You will either be racing in the Rally (roadbook) classes – riding on a 95% new and different course. The GPS (or sportsman, fun) classes will use a traditional NORRA vintage car course for those that choose to ride the peninsula with a GPS track line.

“See the vehicle rules ( on page 57 for clarification. Pro Rally and Amateur Rally are solo or Ironman with no bike restrictions. Other classes (Age and Vintage) still remain and can be teams. New is 1999 as the vintage year cut-off. The minimum required fuel range will be 100 miles or 160KM for all bikes. Bikes with longer range (250 KM) will have an advantage in less fuel stops on the clock as well as making it much easier on the support crew.

“If you sign up as a Rally class and for some reason you cannot continue in that class, we will allow you to ride with the Sportsman GPS course if you desire. You must have a Garmin Montana GPS to receive the course files.

We will only allow assistance at very limited pre-designated points on the course. The support crew will receive a support roadbook at registration and have access to a GPS Track file with all assistance points (fuel stops). All transfer sections are open to assistance and all classes (except Pro Rally) can transport the race bike if desired. Pro Rally must ride all transfers, which in some cases are longer than in the past. This will be clearly explained for each day.

“We plan on having a number of virtual rider meetings to keep competitors updated on the course and to be able to ask questions so they can be as prepared as possible. We will have an announcement soon explaining the discounts NORRA and Rally Moto Shop are offering as well as options for free and discounted Navigation Training to help you be as prepared as possible.”

After experiencing the Mexican 1000 just once, you too will be hooked. Everything you need to know about the Mexican 1000 can be found at Go to the site and find out for yourself why NORRA has exploded in popularity. You can experience the same thrills those pioneering racers sought in 1967 when you join NORRA in Baja. NORRA events honor the past, while forging the future. Don’t miss out on the fun and action.

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