October 22, 2023

Bilstein Is Celebrating Their 150 Year Anniversary at the NORRA 500

Bilstein is celebrating 150 years in business and 50 years in motorsports at the NORRA 500. People place their trust in Bilstein products in all segments, because the suspension experts at Bilstein know how to individually adjust the suspension requirements and driving dynamic qualities of every vehicle. No matter the terrain, Bilstein applies its high-quality products to all vehicle classes and applications specifically customized to the intended purpose of each vehicle, from use in everyday situations to the race track and rough terrain.

Bilstein technology developed in racing is also available for your factory based truck, SUV, CUV and UTV. The B8 8112 (ZoneControl®) suspension kit will enhance your suspension performance to a level that will defy convention. The high tech bolt-on coilover shock kit supplies position sensitive damping with 3 compression zones and 2 rebound zones, controlled by 3 independent pistons. Featuring superior bottom out control through a 2-stage, telescoping internal compression stop, it eliminates the need for an external hydraulic bump stop. The secondary rebound stop dissipates spring energy and stabilizes the suspension directly following a large compression event. The internal rebound stop will also eliminate harsh top-out events and the need for an external limit strap. If that sounds complicated it isn’t, just bolt them on and go.

In the NORRA series, we Honor the Past While Forging the Future, which is also true for Bilstein. Many of the restored vintage race vehicles that compete with NORRA are still running the same shocks that they were fitted with when originally built. At the same time, brand new race winning vehicles are fitted with Bilstein shocks containing the latest in performance shock damping technology. Bilstein has the quality to last and the technology to win. NORRA is proud to be associated with companies like Bilstein who have such a longstanding history of success.

In addition to Bilstein’s support of NORRA, they will also be presenting their prestigious Madonna award. The Madonna award is given to “an individual who wins a championship in a major American racing series, displays sportsmanship and positive character traits on and off the track, and possesses an intense desire to win while overcoming adversities.” Past winners of the award include Terry Labonte, Darrell Waltrip, Bill Elliott, Dale Earnhardt, Rusty Wallace, Ivan Stewart, Mark Stahl and Mark McMillin among others.

At the NORRA 500, people and vehicles from every era of offroad racing participate in the event. The NORRA 500 draws current racing stars, icons of the past, lovers of Baja, and adventure seekers of all types. NORRA events provide a great challenge, great competition, unrivaled celebrations, and the best that Baja has to offer. Make sure you go to to find out everything you need to join in on the fun.

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