October 3, 2023

Anube Stella Tracking & Safety System for the 2023 NORRA 500

NORRA takes safety seriously. That’s why they provide the latest technology to keep track of competitors, allow them to call for help, and to safely pass other cars in competition. NORRA uses the state of the art tracking and safety system by Anube Stella. The Stella Tracking System has enhanced safety features that send out a distress signal to approaching cars or bikes. If a racer breaks down or is stranded for any reason, they can push the distress button, and every approaching vehicle will receive an audible warning and flashing light on their unit to warn them.

Step 1 - Purchase Mounting Hardware, If Needed

Event participants are required to provide the mounting hardware and antennas. A credit card guarantee to Anube for return of the unit will also be required. If you still have your mounting hardware from a previous NORRA race, it will work with this unit. If you purchase your mounting kit, it will be delivered at tech in Ensenada on October 19. Mounting kits, instruction videos, and much more are available at the Anube website here:

Step 2 - Pre-register with Anube (Required)

All participants must pre-register with Anube and provide a credit card number in order to receive their Stella unit at contingency. The credit card will not be charged unless you fail to return the unit within one week after the race. The unit can be returned by shipping to: Anube Sport USA, 641 E San Ysidro Blvd #B3-1258, San Ysidro, CA 92173. Here is the link to the pre-registration form:

Step 3 - Pay for your Stella Rental and Liability Insurance (Required)

NORRA 500 entry fees were reduced by the amount of Stella rental and race course liability insurance ($5,000 liability limit). We are now asking each entry to pay the fees, a total of $425. The person who entered the vehicle should log into his or her Registration page and click where it says, "Pay Stella & Insurance". Here is the link to registration page login:

More About Stella

Regardless of line of sight, dust, or darkness, drivers will have time to slow down, avoid a dangerous situation, or prepare to stop, and render assistance. There is also an SOS feature that sends a signal to the monitoring center. They will respond when the message is received, and if no input is returned, they will promptly dispatch assistance. In order to foster a culture of helping others, the Baja way, competitors who stop to provide assistance will have their time noted by the system; good deeds are rewarded. If after initiating a stopped signal the vehicle continues, the system will cancel the signal once the vehicle exceeds 3 miles per hour. There is also a passing protocol that allows the car ahead to communicate with the passing vehicle to let it know when it’s safe. No more high risk passing in the dust or potential damage when trying to pass on the side of the course. Any car that intentionally blocks the car behind will be identified by the system.

The Stella system is for safety, but provides much more. In addition to the many safety features, the Stella system has a readout that displays odometer, chronometer, mileage, danger warnings and VCP validation (virtual check point). The amount of information and safety features of the Stella system are remarkable. The Stella system has already been proven in race conditions and is very popular with competitors.

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