September 27, 2023

NORRA Vehicle Numbers Rules Change

NORRA has changed the numbers policy beginning at the 2023 NORRA 500. NORRA will be allowing competitors to source their own numbers and has opened up the possibilities for color combinations; as long as they are clearly legible. Competitors are still required to run numbers on the front, rear and both sides of the vehicle. Complete updated rules are contained in the rulebook which can be accessed on the NORRA website here:

Per the rules, “All race numbers are to be on a rectangular area of contrasting solid background color such as black on white or white on black. The front numbers shall be a 3.5” tall. The rear and side numbers shall be 5” tall. Especially in front, NORRA strongly prefers a simple black on white with block letters to facilitate rapid sorting in staging each day.” For complete numbering rules, please consult the vehicle rule book on our website.

Having clear, legible numbering is critical for safety and accurate timing. Of course if workers cannot read your number, you can’t be scored. If you have any questions about this alert or questions in general visit us online

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