September 21, 2023

Making History: NORRA 500's Inaugural Beach Finish in San Felipe 2023!

The 2023 NORRA 500 promises a truly unique experience. Spanning from Ensenada, BC, Mexico, to San Felipe, racers will enjoy an overnight stay on the first day of the race. Following several stages averaging 70 miles each, competitors will make history by crossing the finish line on the picturesque beach for the first time.

Participants will savor the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean in Ensenada and the warm embrace of the Sea of Cortez on the same exhilarating day as they claim victory just steps from the shoreline. This incredible beach finish tradition dates back to NORRA's inception in 1967, making this event a historic first.

You won't want to miss the opportunity to experience the best that Baja has to offer. If you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for? Tech inspection is scheduled for October 19th at the Ensenada Riviera Hotel and Convention Center.

After a challenging first day of competition, indulge in delicious food and refreshing drinks at the finish line celebration right in front of the Stella Del Mar Hotel. NORRA's post-race celebrations are legendary, where competitors share their day's adventures over a well-deserved meal prepared by experienced chefs featuring authentic local cuisine.

If you crave the ultimate Baja experience, join the excitement with NORRA. Find all the information you need about the NORRA 500 and Mexican 1000 at

NORRA events create lasting memories of intense competition and adventure, leaving you with a lifetime of stories. Today, you can experience the same awe that early thrill-seekers felt in the 1960s when you joined NORRA in Baja. NORRA events honor the past while blazing a trail toward the future. Don't miss out—register today!"

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