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September 16, 2023

MAG 7 Pit Support at the 2023 Yokohama NORRA 500

Supporting Baja Racers Since 1967!

The Magnificent 7 Desert Pit Services team supported off-road racers during the very first NORRA races in 1967 and 1968 and will be there for race teams again! For the 2023 NORRA 500, MAG 7 will support NORRA racers with four full-service pits.

MAG 7 is a 501(c)(7) non-profit fraternal organization. The “Brothers and Sisters” in MAG 7 are all volunteers who support their extended family of offroad racers because they love doing it and they love doing it together.

NORRA will provide exact locations for racers for all pits in the mileage summary, the race books, and on the Stella tracker. Pit locations are as follows:

October 19, Day 0 - Ensenada
Day 0, Pit Zero – MAG 7 HQ Ensenada: Campo Playa RV Park

October 20 – Ensenada to San Felipe
Day 1, Pit 1 – Pine Forest
Day 1, Pit 2 – San Matias

October 21 – San Felipe to Ensenada
Day 2, Pit 1 – Rancho Mike’s
Day 2, Pit 2 – El Alamo

MAG 7 “Pit Zero” HQ at Campo Playa RV Park on Boulevard las Dunas in Ensenada will be open during Registration/Tech for fuel pick-up for pre-ordered 100 & 110 octane fuel and spares drop off. Spares must be dropped off by Thursday, October 19, 12:00pm (noon).

MAG 7 pits include generators, welders, lights, air, tools, and other important pit gear. All MAG 7 pits will monitor 153.380 which should be pre-programmed into most race radios as “MAG 7”.

“Full Service” racers can pre-order either 91, 100 or 110 fuel to be hauled to the pit location and dumped by the MAG 7 pit crews. The pit fee for “Full Service” is $400 plus a $50 annual MAG 7 membership fee.

“Emergency Service” includes repairs to get you to the next point but does not include fueling. The pit fee for “Emergency Service” is $200 plus a $50 annual MAG 7 membership fee.

Sign-ups and fuel orders can be made on the MAG 7 website at The deadline to sign up for Full Service or Emergency Service is Friday, October 13.

Please note that pit support fees are lower with MAG 7 because MAG 7 is not a business, it is a volunteer organization comprised of people who love offroad racing in the Baja. Pit fees cover a portion of MAG 7 volunteer expenses.

The volunteer pit captains and crews of MAG 7 are excited to be able to support racers in the 2023 NORRA 500. If you are interested in joining the MAG 7 family, please contact us on our website at or through our Facebook page at

MAG 7 Desert Pit Services…supporting Baja racers since 1967!

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