Lynn Chenowth Joins NORRA in Honoring Johnny Johnson's Legacy as Posthumous Grand Marshal in San Felipe

The upcoming 2023 Yokohama NORRA 500 will set its course for San Felipe, designating a significant stopover to pay tribute to the enduring legacy of Johnny Johnson. Johnny, who departed from this world in June of 2023, left an indelible mark as a pioneering figure in the world of off-road racing. The NORRA Mexican 1000's Modified class victory in 1968 marked the inception of an illustrious journey that saw Johnny amass over a hundred triumphant moments. This exceptional record of wins, podium finishes, and championship titles fittingly culminated in his well-deserved induction into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame in the year 2010.

A native of the San Felipe vicinity, Johnny Johnson was a familiar face at Lynn Chenowth's Legacy Lodge, where he captivated racing enthusiasts with captivating narratives. Johnny and Lynn's friendship spanned an impressive six decades, originating from their shared experiences in high school auto shop days. It was during this time that Johnny's sand buggy first ignited Lynn's fascination with the world of off-road racing. Lynn, a respected NORRA Grand Marshal in 2018, and a fellow esteemed member of the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame will now step into the role of Grand Marshal once again, this time to honor the memory of his cherished friend, Johnny.

Recalling their enduring bond, Lynn warmly reminisces, "Over the years, Johnny always had a fresh collection of stories to share, each win adding a unique chapter to his narrative. His composed demeanor and unwavering spirit shone through every situation, and our shared perspective on success resonated deeply. It's a profound privilege for me to assume the role of Grand Marshal once more, and I eagerly anticipate witnessing the evolution of NORRA, especially with the involvement of Robby Gordon, whom I've seen mature from a young child."

Lynn Chenowth's heartfelt tribute to Johnny Johnson forms just a fragment of the extraordinary festivities planned for San Felipe as part of the Yokohama NORRA 500 event. This iconic gathering brings together individuals and vehicles spanning the entire spectrum of off-road racing history, attracting contemporary racing luminaries, legendary figures of the past, devoted Baja enthusiasts, and daring adventurers alike. The NORRA gatherings present a unique blend of challenge, competition, celebration, and the very essence of Baja's allure. For those eager to partake in this unparalleled experience, more information is available at

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