2014 NORRA Mexican 1000 - All - Official Results

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Overall Results for 2014 NORRA Mexican 1000
Place # Entrant Class Vehicle Total
135Rich Voss UnlimitedProtruck Ford15:45:58
2804Gary Williams UnlimitedProtruck Chevrolet16:37:26
3153Matthew Campbell Unlimited4 Seater JimCo16:41:55
420Walker Evans UnlimitedAlumicraft Grande16:43:42
51834Kenneth Losch UnlimitedGeyser Prerunner17:11:10
6186Mike Bilek Buggies with back seatsDunebuggy.com 4 seat17:43:18
7127Scott Bailey UnlimitedFord Raceworks17:45:24
8160Ray Files Open Buggy 4.5lVolkswagen 160018:19:30
9150Paul Clark Open Buggy 4.5lClass 1 WC Chassis18:26:17
10462Butch Jensen UnlimitedAlumi craft Grande18:26:35
11521Hap Kellogg Open Buggy 4.5lVolkswagen Class 5 unlimite18:34:20
126034Charles Currie Trophy LiteTrophylite R418:40:10
13828Michael Friel Trucks/SUV with working doorsFord F-10018:56:37
1488Gerald Lee Ultra 4x4Savvy/Currie Jee Wrangler JKR Ult19:50:51
1525John Gonzales Trucks/SUV with working doorsFord SVT Raptor20:16:45
164414Jason Shipman Ultra 4x4Campbell Ent. Buggy20:17:35
1752Trevor Scherrer Open Truck-SUV 4.5lBajaLite Spec Truck20:27:02
1856Greg DiStefano Trucks/SUV with working doorsFord F15020:34:36
1968John Zambie Trucks/SUV with working doorsChevrolet C250021:06:21
20131George Peters Buggies with back seatsPrerunner 3 Seater21:08:53
2144Todd Jergensen Buggies with back seatsDesert Dynamic Prerunner21:22:14
22138Randy Wilson Trucks/SUV with working doorsFord Ranger21:49:31
2310Jim Smith UnlimitedSpcon Sand Rail22:22:44
24643Rusty Phillips Trophy LiteTrophyLite R-423:44:24
2595Grant Reuter Trucks/SUV with working doorsFord F150 Raptor24:48:12
264702Scott Hartman Ultra 4x4Ultra4 Spec25:47:34
274701Ryan Stefanelli Ultra 4x4Jimmys 4x4 Spec 470025:49:00
284705Ben Dinkins Ultra 4x4Chevrolet 150027:19:19
2970Eric Sottile Open Truck-SUV 4.5lJeep Cherokee28:25:13
30477Eric Palacios Buggies with back seatsCustom 3 Seater32:03:30
314493Andrew McLaughlin Ultra 4x4Jeep Willys35:18:21
DNF91William McBeath Trucks/SUV with working doorsFord F150DNF
DNF42Mark Mcintyre Open Buggy 4.5lMacfab Two SeatDNF
DNF81Joe Black Buggies with back seatsTravis Fletcher 3 Seat Pre-RunneDNF
DNF57Guy Yocom Trucks/SUV with working doorsFord F150DNF
DNF4706James Marsden Ultra 4x4Ultra4 Spec classDNF
DNF96Allan Lindsay Open Buggy 4.5lCustom Class 10DNF
DNF4704Dave Cole Ultra 4x4Ultra4 SpecDNF
DNF1821Hap Kellogg UnlimitedRacer PrerunnerDNF
DNF69Steve Vince Open Buggy 4.5lDodd Racing BuggyDNF
DNF777Peter Lang Open Truck-SUV 4.5lSpec tube chassi FordDNF
DNF104Jayson Walmsley Trucks/SUV with working doorsFord F150DNF
DNF111John Langley UnlimitedRacer 3 seatDNF
DNF59Mark Workentine Trucks/SUV with working doorsFord F150DNF
DNF2Jim Smith Trucks/SUV with working doorsFord RaptorDNF
DNF76Mike Meachum Trophy LiteTrophylite R4DNF
DNF80Larry McRae Ultra 4x4Jeep WranglerDNF
DNF808Michael Cline Trucks/SUV with working doorsTundra F150DNF

Place # Entrant Class Vehicle Total
119Jerry Herbst Vintage UnlimitedChevrolet 150015:50:58
285Bob Gordon Vintage Open BuggyChenowth DR216:08:42
399John Gable Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord F-15016:35:04
428John Swift Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord Explorer16:49:03
586Jay Culbertson Vintage Open BuggyRaceCo Class 116:52:13
6456Larry Roeseler Vintage UnlimitedChevrolet 150016:55:18
7149Ed Herbst Vintage UnlimitedTruggy 16:59:43
846Dave Sykes Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord Ford17:07:01
914David Westhem Vintage Open Truck w-rear leafChevrolet K-150017:25:31
101Darin Harris Vintage UnlimitedFord Ranger17:27:59
11501Bill Hernquist Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxVolkswagen Unlimited Baja B18:01:15
1230Ron Brant Vintage Open Buggy 3.0/2.5Volkswagen Beetle18:03:59
1323Mark McMillin Vintage Open BuggyChenowich Spcns18:40:18
14154Andres Ruffo Vintage Open Buggy 3.0/2.5Raceco Sand Master19:10:48
1551David Hough Vintage Open Truck-SUVToyota Pickup19:27:04
1634Steve Rountree Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxSandwinder Tribu Single Seat19:52:42
17818John Omartian Vintage Open Buggy 3.0/2.5El Lobo Buggy20:05:14
1822Gay Smith Vintage Open BuggyVolkswagen Convertible20:10:05
1929Buddy Feldkamp Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxSS Funco Single Seat20:16:32
2066Don Hatch Vintage 108in WB pre-77Ford Bronco20:25:12
21722Mike Koenig Vintage Open Truck-SUVToyota Tacoma20:53:09
2258Steve Sullivan Vintage Open Buggy 3.0/2.5Volkswagen Bug21:06:13
23830Sandy Hall Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord Explorer21:09:08
24759John Holmes Vintage Open Truck w/Rear LeafFord Ranger21:25:32
2587Walter Messer Vintage Open Truck w-rear leaf1970 F10021:51:50
26888Ronald Banks Vintage Open BuggyRaceCo Buggy21:59:50
2724Rick Johnson Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxAllerman .22:10:16
2873Mark Harber Vintage Open Truck 4x4Chevrolet Suburban22:12:35
2916Jeff Matthews Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxSelfmade Pre-Runner22:47:52
3017Bryan Garvey Vintage Open BuggyKMR Chaparral22:49:17
318Andrew Norton Vintage 108in WB pre-77Ford Bronco23:00:19
32717Mark Gera Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxHijumper ascot23:19:28
33800Mark Stahl Vintage Open Truck w-rear leafFord F -10023:19:29
34787Brendan Fowler Vintage Open Truck-SUVToyota Pickup23:46:37
35705Gary Dixon Vintage Open Truck w/Rear LeafToyota Tacoma24:05:21
3664Michael Stewart Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxRaceco 1/2 160024:21:53
373Bob Howle Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxHighjumper Two Seat24:36:59
3826Boyd Jaynes Vintage 108in WB pre-77Ford Bronco24:39:14
39332Chris Sullivan Vintage 108in WB pre-77Ford Bronco25:30:04
4055Mike Jakobson Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord Bronco25:57:30
4198Robert Motheral Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord F10026:13:47
42609Rick Hurricane Johnson Vintage Production SedanChevrolet Rippin Rooster B26:55:41
43126Darin Necessary Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxFunco SS227:32:16
44468Jose SantibaƱez Vintage 108in Wheelbase 4x4 28:09:11
4567Klaus Rasch Vintage VW SedanVolkswagen Sedan28:51:20
46538Salvador Navarro Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxVolkswagen Baja28:51:27
4750Gary Kraut Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxChenowth 4LWD29:03:07
48848Marco Tavarez Vintage Open Truck 4x4Ford F-15029:05:05
49444Eric Palacios Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxchenoweth 229:09:04
501964Bruce Meyers Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxMeyers Manx29:39:12
51849Carlos Tavarez Vintage 108in Wheelbase 4x4Ford Bronco29:50:27
52568Armando GuzmanVega Vintage Swing Axle BuggyChenowth Class 930:00:03
53183Chris Kemp Vintage Swing Axle BuggySchmegetti 30:25:09
5460Mike Berkner Vintage 108in Wheelbase 4x4Chevrolet M1009 Diesel30:35:04
5575Bill Miller Vintage 108in Wheelbase 4x4Chevrolet M1009 Blazer30:50:58
5677Scott Hurst Vintage Open Buggy 3.0/2.5Alumicraft 4 seat31:02:48
5711Gregg Bouma Vintage Open Truck w/Rear LeafFord Ranger31:18:11
5854Matthew Fallis Vintage 108in Wheelbase 4x4Toyota 4runner31:34:19
594Mike Higbee Vintage Open Truck w-rear leafFord Ranger33:01:05
606Thomas Swift Vintage Production SedanFord Edsel Ranger33:31:48
61569Kent Thygerson Vintage Modified VW Sedan1969 Volkswagen 5-160034:12:00
62441Clint Melnechenko Vintage Open Truck w-rear leafChevrolet Shortbox34:19:37
63776Paul Schaffer Vintage Open Truck w/Rear LeafDatsun 62036:32:33
6448Lance Kane Vintage Open Truck w-rear leafFord F10036:44:32
65881Larry Watson Vintage Open Truck w-rear leafFord F10036:45:27
665Jay Bills Vintage Open Buggy 3.0/2.5Chenowth DR 217:25:51
DNF74Kevin Fitzgerald Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord F100DNF
DNF802Bert Tjeenk Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord BroncoDNF
DNF803John Bessey Vintage Open Truck w-rear leafFord F-100DNF
DNF40Fred ReCupido Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxVolkswagen Manx BodyDNF
DNF49Randy Ludwig Vintage 108in WB pre-77Ford BroncoDNF
DNF7Rory Ward Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxMickey Thompson Challenger IVDNF
DNF33Bill Varnes Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord BroncoDNF
DNF577Alfred Browne Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxVolkswagen BeetleDNF
DNF500Tom Bird Vintage Open Buggy 3.0/2.5Volkswagen ConvertibleDNF
DNF15John Ehmke Vintage Open Truck w-rear leafFord F100DNF
DNF13JT Taylor Vintage VW SedanVolkswagen BeetleDNF
DNF118Jeff Furrier Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxChenowth 1000DNF
DNF119Jon Steinhilber Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxMeyers ManxterDNF
DNF9John Yeiser Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord F2000DNF
DNF810Andrea Tomba Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord BroncoDNF
DNF555Rene Aguirre Vintage Production SedanFord GalaxieDNF
DNF21Michael Gaughan Vintage Open Truck-SUVDodge RamDNF
DNF27Roger Malcolm Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord F100DNF
DNF38Bob Land Vintage Open Truck w/Rear LeafJeep CherokeeDNF
DNF93Mark Post Vintage UnlimitedFord F150DNF
DNF100Troy Herbst Vintage UnlimitedSmithbuilt TruggyDNF
DNF123Brian Collins Vintage Open Truck-SUVChevorlet SilveradoDNF
DNF174Ned Bacon Vintage Production SedanPorsche 911DNF
DNF303Chris Wilson Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord BroncoDNF
DNF619Jim Rooster Riley Vintage Production SedanChevrolet Snortin Nortin NDNF
DNF801David Young Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord BroncoDNF
DNF805Renato Villalpando Vintage Open Truck w-rear leafFord F100DNF

Place # Entrant Class Vehicle Total
1101Mark Winkelman Modern OpenHonda XR650R16:22:14
237Hunter Kirby Modern OpenKTM 450 EXC-R18:12:52
3324Gerardo Rojas Rally Raid NO GPS 18:23:59
471Carlos Gracida Rally Raid NO GPSKTM 45018:30:29
5316Todd Stewart Modern OpenYamaha YZ450F19:50:43
6107Ruben Hale Super VintageHonda XR50020:36:37
7333Joshua Muthart Modern OpenKTM 530 EXC-R20:43:24
836Benjamin Greenwood Vintage OpenHonda XR60021:08:19
979Paul Cooper 50+ OpenKTM KTM 52522:34:38
1062John Volkman 50+ OpenHusaburg FE 57023:03:31
11601John-David Mcdonnell Modern OpenHonda XR650R23:11:15
12133Paul Elledge Elledge 50+ OpenKTM 530EXC23:18:01
13213Johnny Scheff Rally Raid NO GPSTriumph 450 custom23:30:18
1482Chuck Wallace Super VintageHonda XR500R24:09:24
1584Steve Harding Vintage OpenHonda XR 600R24:34:08
16223John Maston 50+ OpenKTM 50024:39:59
17887John Graves Vintage LitesHonda SL35026:55:30
18408Jason Scher Modern OpenKTM 45027:04:12
19335Steve Davison 50+ OpenHusaberg FE 35027:55:36
20312Mark Vanscourt Modern OpenTriumph Tiger 80029:37:50
21400Robert Liautaud Modern LitesSuzuki DRZ409S30:50:42
2289John Graves Super VintageYamaha XT50032:11:00
23336Les Banta 50+ OpenYAMAHA WR 45032:51:28
DNF83Steve Smith Super VintageHonda XR500DNF
DNF113Larry Dysert 50+ OpenHusaberg Rally 570DNF
DNF121Ernie Vigil Modern OpenTriumph Tiger 800 XCDNF
DNF94Anthony McCullough Vintage OpenHusqvarna 500 xcDNF
DNF409Karl Keilik Modern OpenKTM 530EXCDNF
DNS354Larry Carlson 50+ OpenYamaha YZ450FDNS

All Terrain Vehicle
Place # Entrant Class Vehicle Total
1222Roger Fastring ATV OpenKawasaki KFX40028:20:56

Place # Entrant Class Vehicle Total
1405David Bensadoun Rally RaidToyota Tacoma16:17:29
2401Pedro De Uriarte Rally RaidFord Raptor19:44:42
312Paul Fournier Rally All Wheel DriveSubaru Outback33:13:14
4674Jeff Rados Rally Two Wheel DriveFord Courier/Ranger33:35:26
DNF603Dan Spalinger Rally Two Wheel DriveNissan FrontierDNF

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