2013 NORRA Mexican 1000 - All - Official Results

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Overall Results for 2013 NORRA Mexican 1000
Place # Entrant Class Vehicle Total
181Gary Williams UnlimitedPro Truck TT11:50:36
219Jerry Herbst Trucks-SUVs w-hinged doorsChevy 150012:18:36
35Steve Menzies Buggies with back seatsAlumacraft 7812:44:59
4444Todd Jergensen Buggies with back seatsD. D. Big Prerunner12:54:14
5120Brandon Dawson Buggies with back seatsMD Motorsports Pre-Runner13:02:00
6153Matt Campbell Buggies with back seatsKreger Prerunner13:50:35
7617Rick Gruber Buggies with back seatsAlumiCraft Grande14:16:39
8603Mike Koenig Trucks-SUVs w-hinged doorsToyota Tacoma15:14:24
9119Norris Brown Open Buggy 4.5lFord Bronco15:18:21
1099Nick Baldwin Trucks-SUVs w-hinged doorsB/C TURTLE15:59:48
11414Jason Shipman Ultra 4x4Jimmy's 4X4 Buggy16:11:03
1267Klaus Rasch Stock VW BeetleVW Sedan18:10:03
13155Cam Thieriot Buggies with back seatsCustom 4 seat18:24:18
14150Paul Clark Open Buggy 4.5lClark Clark20:01:42
15503Oscar Rodriguez Stock VW BeetleVW Bug20:06:41
1611John Howard Stock VW BeetleVolkswagon Sedan20:07:34
1737Kyle Eickhoff 100in wheelbase 4x4Jeep Wrangler25:00:32
18199Rob Usnick Open Buggy 4.5lYamaha Rhino30:19:24
1995Grant Reuter Trucks-SUVs w-hinged doorsFord F150 Raptor31:04:12
2077James Gibbons 108in wheelbase 4x4Ford Bronco32:37:12
21666Osvaldo Flores 100in wheelbase 4x4Suzuki Samurai34:13:43
DNF9Jayson Walmsley Trucks-SUVs w-hinged doorsFord F150DNF
DNF462Butch Jensen Buggies with back seatsAlumicraft GrandeDNF
DNF145Don Beaumont UnlimitedChevrolet 1500 X-TRA CABDNF
DNF1Jeffrey Smith Electric Vehicles2013 EV1DNF
DNF158Ben Schlimme Buggies with back seatsAlumiCraft GrandeDNF
DNF55Adam Ramirez Buggies with back seats3 Seat Mose builtDNF
DNF138Randy Wilson Trucks-SUVs w-hinged doorsFord RangerDNF
DNF661Clint Melnechenko Trucks-SUVs w-hinged doorsChevy SilveradoDNF
DNF129Rudy Lekar Buggies with back seatsAlumicraft GrandeDNF
DNF787Miguel Ruiz Open Truck-SUV 4.5lToyota Land Cruiser suvDNF
DNF109Stuart Chase UnlimitedPenhal DiabloDNF
DNF186Mike Bilek Buggies with back seatsDune Buggy.com 4 seatDNF
DNF313JT Taylor Ultra 4x4JT Customs RavenDNF
DNF72Joe Black Buggies with back seatsTravis Fletcher 3 Seat Pre-RunneDNF
DNF277Peter Lang Limited VW BeetleCustom TruggyDNF
DNF999Dan Bridger Limited Buggy 1.6lVW BugDNF
DNF100Jim Smith Buggies with back seatsAll star BuggyDNF
DNF743Ben Phillips Trophy LiteTrphy Lite R.049DNF
DNF66Jon Kennedy Trucks-SUVs w-hinged doorsToyota ToyovetteDNF
DNS18Logan Holladay Buggies with back seatsDesert Dynamics 4 seat buggyDNS

Place # Entrant Class Vehicle Total
120Walker Evans Vintage Open Truck-SUVDodge D15012:35:08
229Bud Feldkamp Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxSS Funco Single Seat13:36:49
379George Erl Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxClass 12 Buggy14:02:09
440Ronnie Landaker Vintage Open BuggyVW Manx Meyers Manx14:19:50
524Marty Fiolka Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxRacego 1/2-1600 chassis15:18:58
685Bob Gordon Vintage Open BuggyChenowth 2 seater15:19:24
754Dave Cole Vintage 108in Wheelbase 4x4Toyota 4Runner15:56:48
826Boyd Jaynes Vintage 108in WB pre-77Ford Bronco16:01:12
9804Gilbert Rodriguez Vintage Open Truck-SUVChevrolet Silverado16:05:50
1022Gaylord Smith Vintage Open BuggyVolkswagen Baja Bug16:15:34
11609Rick Hurricane Johnson Vintage Production SedanChevy Belair16:27:53
12801Renato Villalpando Vintage Open Truck w-rear leafFord F10016:30:18
13200Kash Vessels Vintage Open Truck-SUVChevrolet Blazer16:52:40
1473Mark Harber Vintage Open Truck 4x4Chevrolet Suburban17:19:32
15720Michael Coleman Vintage Open Truck -leaf -4.0mJeep Camanche17:21:12
16555Rene Aguirre Vintage Production SedanFord Galaxie17:33:53
1761Andrea Tomba Vintage Open Truck -leaf -4.0mToyota V618:13:11
1821Michael Gaughan Vintage Open Truck-SUVDodge Ram18:33:06
19123Brian Collins Vintage Open Truck-SUVChevorlet Silverado18:36:43
20332Chris Sullivan Vintage 108in WB pre-77Ford Bronco18:37:42
2116Andrew Norton Vintage 108in WB pre-77Ford Bronco19:05:52
223Bob Howle Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxHigh Jumper Buggy19:45:42
2380Bert Tjeenk Tomba Vintage Open Truck w-rear leafFord F-10019:54:49
24846Carlos Tavarez Vintage 108in Wheelbase 4x4Ford Bronco20:34:21
2598Bruce Galien Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord F10020:41:05
2678Chris Stephenson Vintage Open Truck-SUVChevrolet Silverado21:27:25
27218Matthew Wright Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxVW GlitterBug21:48:25
28103Larry Trim Vintage 108in Wheelbase 4x4Jeep Grand Cherokee22:16:08
2956Andy DeVercelly Vintage Swing Axle BuggyVW Manx23:24:09
30619Jim Rooster Riley Vintage Production SedanChevy General Ti23:40:29
31568Armando Guzman Vintage Swing Axle BuggyChenowth Class 923:41:32
3297John Gable Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord F-10024:25:18
3376Mike Berkner Vintage 108in Wheelbase 4x4Chevy M100924:52:54
3417Bryan Garvey Vintage Open BuggyKMR Chapperal24:57:28
3575Bill Miller Vintage 108in Wheelbase 4x4Chevroley M100925:06:48
36800Mark Stahl Vintage Open Truck w-rear leafFord F-100 F -10025:37:05
3744Tyler Smith Vintage Open Truck w-rear leafChevrolet 1/2 ton26:44:27
3810Mike Higbee Vintage Open Truck -leaf -4.0mFord Ranger31:34:47
39911Jack Lewis Vintage Production SedanPorsche 91133:16:59
40371Keith Callinan Vintage Production SedanFord Mustang8:04:37
DNF28Gary Dixon Vintage Production SedanWillies WhippetDNF
DNF500Tom Bird Vintage Open BuggyVW ConvertibleDNF
DNF23Mark McMillin Vintage Open BuggyChenowich SpcnsDNF
DNF501William Hernquist Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxVW Unlimited Baja BDNF
DNF38Bob Land Vintage Open Truck -leaf -4.0mJeep CherokeeDNF
DNF46Dave Sykes Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord FordDNF
DNF93Mark Post Vintage UnlimitedFord F-150DNF
DNF818John Omartian Vintage Open BuggyEl Lobo BuggyDNF
DNF70Ron Bellerive Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxRaceco Tube chassisDNF
DNF702Dana Dague Vintage Open Truck -leaf -4.0mDatsun 620DNF
DNF74Ned Bacon Vintage Production SedanPorsche 911DNF
DNF32Matthew Parks Vintage Open Truck w-rear leafFord F100DNF
DNF848Marco Tavarez Vintage Open Truck 4x4Ford F-150DNF
DNF31Richard Tuthill Vintage Production SedanPorsche 911DNF
DNF14Dave Westhem Vintage Open Truck w-rear leafGMC K15DNF
DNF50Tom Webber Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord BroncoDNF
DNF118Jeff Furrier Vintage Open Buggy 2.2l maxChenowth 1000DNF
DNF203Charles Hendricks Vintage Open Truck w-rear leafChevrolet C-10DNF
DNS7Chris Wilson Vintage Open Truck-SUVFord BroncoDNS
DNS991Morley Williams Vintage Open Truck -leaf -4.0mDodge D50DNS

Place # Entrant Class Vehicle Total
1403Justin Morgan Mid OpenHonda CRF450x12:07:39
2824Gerardo Rojas Mid OpenHonda CRF450x13:14:40
382Mike Nardi Mid OpenHonda XR650R13:16:08
4815Doug Smith 50+ OpenHonda XR65013:43:14
5300Mike Johnson Rally Raid 450Honda CRF450X14:11:32
6305Octavio Valle Mid OpenKTM XC-F14:25:14
7727Darell Pitts Mid OpenKTM EXC14:33:13
825Mark Reynolds Mid OpenKTM 500 EXC14:46:01
9206Carlos Gracida Rally Raid 450Honda CRFX45015:32:23
10071Mike Shirley Mid OpenKTM 500xcw15:35:18
11101Joe Bolton 50+ OpenKTM 690 adventure15:37:08
1251Spencer Trenery Mid OpenKTM 530 Rally15:37:43
1315Beto Boggiano Mid OpenKTM 500 xc-w16:14:29
14357Scott Johnson Rally Raid 450KTM 450EXC16:18:44
1542James Connolly Vintage OpenHonda XR500R16:38:11
16154Monte Mola Mid OpenYamaha 17:00:53
17721Matthew Seiler Mid OpenKTM 640 ADV17:17:02
18811Nate Nickerson Mid OpenKTM 450 exc17:58:33
1947Ed Crane Mid OpenHonda XR650R17:59:19
20888John Graves Vintage LitesHonda SL35019:07:04
2143Jason Brown Mid OpenHonda XRR20:16:36
22623Donald Myll 50+ OpenHonda XR65021:03:37
2345Bradley Mudge Mid OpenKTM EXC 50021:11:44
248Brian Fuller Mid OpenHonda XR600R21:17:18
25323Brandon Dennis Mid OpenHonda CRF450X21:22:20
2688John Graves Vintage OpenYamaha XT50021:45:26
27484Jesse Dalton Mid OpenHonda XR 650r21:58:30
28778Roberto Martinez Mid OpenHonda CRF450X22:18:44
29777Alvaro Garcia Mid OpenHonda CRF450X22:21:59
3013John Volkman 50+ OpenHusaburg FE 57022:29:02
31312Johnny Scheff Modern LitesSuzuki DRZ400S22:45:21
32113Larry Dysert 50+ OpenHusaberg FE57024:10:52
33140Ryan Wallace Mid OpenKTM 530 exc25:07:54
DNF700Joakim Hansson Mid OpenKTM 530 EXCDNF
DNF41Craig Freeman Vintage OpenYamaha IT 465DNF
DNF4Scotty Breauxman Mid OpenHonda XR650 RALLYDNF
DNF151Ken Wortman 50+ OpenKTM 500 XC WDNF
DNF6Kelly Huffman Adventure 690+KTM 690DNF
DNF333Donald Lewis 50+ OpenHonda CRF450XDNF
DNF208Jimmy Stocker Mid OpenHonda CRF450XDNF
DNF33Luke Bennett Vintage OpenHonda CB500DNF
DNF87Bobby Belz Mid OpenKTM 690DNF
DNS30Gus Holcomb Rally Raid 450KTM 350DNS

All Terrain Vehicle
Place # Entrant Class Vehicle Total
DNF711Michael Noval UTV side-by-side and Mini-MagNovaSport Racing Micro Boot EVODNF

Place # Entrant Class Vehicle Total
1350Darren Skilton Jeep Grand Cherokee14:04:20
289Ronald Robnett Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX28:31:14
312Paul Fournier Subaru Outback34:08:16

Car/Truck SSSS
Place # Entrant Class Vehicle Total

Place # Entrant Class Vehicle Total

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