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NORRA 1000 CAR 2022
Retirements 10/10
Official Classification
15 Retirements

65Gully/Evolution Unlimited TruckGFO TTC12-SS01Mechanical
66Womack/Challenger 4x4sFord BroncoC12-SS01Mechanical
117Diorio/Evolution Unlimited BuggyJimco Class 1C12-SS01Mechanical
126Fiolka/Vintage 4-cyl BuggiesMirage Class 1C12-SS01Mechanical
217Higbee/Vintage Open BuggiesMirage 2-seatC12-SS01Mechanical
361Garza/Evolution Prerun TrucksFord 1976C12-SS01Mechanical
1464Legg/Evolution Unlimited TruckFord RangerC12-SS01Mechanical
20Smith/Evolution Unlimited BuggyVW BugC21-SS01Mechanical
22Blanton/Vintage Military VehicleChenowth DR3 Light Strike VehicleC21-SS01Mechanical
131Byus/Evolution Stock Turbo UTVCan Am X3C21-SS01Mechanical
136Bills/Vintage Open BuggiesChenowth DR2C21-SS01Mechanical
501Crisp/Vintage Class 5VW/Frisk/Jimco Unlimited Baja BugC21-SS01Mechanical
807Leeuwarden/Challenger 4x4sFord BroncoC21-SS01Mechanical
7069Kirby/Evolution Stock Turbo UTVCan Am Maverick RRC21-SS01Mechanical
860Candler/Evolution Stock Turbo UTVPolaris Turbo s4C32-SS01Mechanical
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