Basic terms & conditions of Civil Liability and Medical Insurance.

Emergency Medical limit: $5,000 Dlls maximum per participant.

Coverage starts when the insured vehicle starts the event.

Coverage stops when the insured vehicle either finishes the event, is disqualified, is “declared out of the event” for any reason, or when the event vehicle time has been stopped, or when the time limit on the event has expired.

Coverage is only in force while the event vehicle on the official course of the event, and at no other time.

The Insured is covered only when driving or riding in their assigned event vehicle.

The Insured must be a registered driver or a registered co-driver for the event that is being insured.

Any accident, damages, or injuries must be reported to the promoter of the event, or the insurance representative during the timeframe of the event.

Coverage excludes:

  • Any injuries when drivers or co-drivers are not in/on their event vehicle.
  • Any damages or injuries that occur in a pit area or while pitting.
  • Any damages or injuries incurred when the event vehicle is outside of the official course of the event, or in violation of any traffic laws while in any transit stage of the event.
  • Any damages or injuries when pre-running the event course at anytime.
  • Any pre-existing medical conditions of the insured.
  • Damages to the insured event vehicle, and any other event vehicles.
  • Any participant found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Any and all medical services provided outside the country of Mexico
  • Any non-emergency or non-urgent medical services.
  • Any participate “under” the age of 16 at the time of the event.

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