• NORRA is the undisputed pioneer of off-road motorsport
  • We offer a unique sense of history, with an eye to the future
  • Our talent pool is highly skilled in the world of motorsport entertainment production and well positioned in the market
  • By catering to the vintage off-road enthusiast as well as those who campaign newer modern racecars and motorcycles we create an event fusion that will revolutionize motorsport as we know it
  • We honor the hot rodding roots of the off-road movement and create a path to the 21st century with our inclusion of state of the art modern vehicles
  • The multi day format with stopovers creates a unique opportunity for internal team building and external networking with industry leaders
  • VIP hosting is second to none with our unique multi-day format which allows VIPs to fly into the middle of the action mid-rally without “roughing it”
  • The visibility created from our event will be second to none
  • We offer a unique product discriminator opportunity
  • Our customer base has significant discretionary income
  • Our 4-5 day rally format multiplies your visibility as a sponsor/supplier
  • From presenting sponsor, to era sponsors all the way through contingency donor and event volunteer, we offer a cost effective, high profile means of reaching out to the public at large... touching existing customers and building your business from within the community, and creating a new customer base and market segment, by forging new and creative strategic alliances.